• Registrations take place in September, on the first floor of the small pavilion near the « Lycée Michel Rodange » (don’t call the lycée please).
  • For the second semester 2014/2015 the registration takes place in January, 17:30 – 19:30.
  • You need to come personally if possible for an individual interview with a teacher in order to determine your oral and if necessary your writing level.
  • It is possible to register during the year, according to the available places, from Monday to Thursday 17:30 – 19:30 (except during school vacation).
  • Registration fee for one semester (from September 22 to January 29, or from February 2 to June 11) is 210 €. For the whole school year: 330 €.
  • Specific courses: conversation, legal french, advanced writing, business french – Registration fee: 210 € per semester.


  • Form to be printed out and dropped off to the office at the « Amitiés Françaises »
  • No registration via mail, fax or phone will be accepted.
  • You will be fully registered once your payment is received (by cash).

4 commentaires

  1. Good afternoon,

    Myself and Cobor Dawson paid for lessons in September for French classes. We attended one lesson and then due to work commitments had to cancel our subscription- we paid 180 euros each into your account. As requested we sent a cancellation letter 2 days after the lesson requesting a refund, this was sent on 25th September. We have heard no response and have not received the refund and so I sent another letter last week and have still not received a response.
    Please can you contact me back asap about this matter.
    Kind regards,
    Jayde cumming and Conor Dawson


  2. Hello,

    It’s possible to start the courses this January 2015, even if the lessons already started?

    Or, should I can subscribe to the next intesive courses on February 2015?

    Could I have a contact number that works for all week?

    Many thanks in advance for your answer and kind regards,

    Susanna Kharoufeh


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